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  • International Brand Consultants

    A Division of International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA


Whether you are looking for a new Brand Acquisition or are seeking expert assistance for your own Brand, IBC Media connects you with opportunities that generate the new revenues you have been looking for.
More than ever a proper Brand Strategy is emerging as one of the new creative ways to achieve your company growth and development target.

IBC InfoMedia(A Division of International Brand Consulting Corporation) is an independent, global branding and brand consultancy company. We focus on providing our clients with branding and design solutions that connect brands with consumers faster, longer and more robustly than their competitors. We have 5 years experience, specializing in holistic branding for consumer goods and healthcare products, from multi-billion dollar global brands to small local jewels.

IBC Media is famous as a International Brand Consultants that delivers world-class thinking at the highest strategic level. By following a proven process, we help create exceptional brands

About Us

IBC Media has been established by IBC Info Media Pvt Ltd to extend its services to provide expert consulting in Brand Strategy.Hemant Kaushik is the CEO of IBC Media.

IBC Media is a Branding and International Brand Consultants devoted to consulting for organisations at the highest strategic level. We are focused on creating and managing brands as valuable strategic Business assets.

Our aim is to support our Clients in acquiring and managing the Brand right for them. We strive to achieve the highest revenues and success by creating a customized licensing plan to ensure the highest profitability. For clients who already own a Brand, we assist in achieving their specific goals, using licensing as a marketing strategy.

We specialize in enhancing Trademark visibility, Strengthening market position, Creating new distribution channels by proposing new product lines. Our goal is to expand the spectrum of products for the existing licenses and to increase and maximize profitability.



  • For companies interested a new Brand project we provide our expertise to acquire the proper Brand with minimal risk.
  • In today’s competitive marketplace, clearly differentiating a product offering is vital. Our Brand Acquisition service assists in identifying well-known brands for acquisition or for licensing.
  • Our process starts with understanding our clients’ goals, whether they are interested in reaching new consumer targets, entering new categories or channels of distribution, or increasing retail penetration. We then identify the most relevant properties, ultimately recommending those that best attract the attention of the identified target.
  • Our Brand Acquisition work spans over a wide range of sectors and it is focused in particular on fashion and fashion accessories categories.
  • We ensure excellence in execution and long-term success.


  • For companies owning high positioned Brands and looking to increase their Brand equity, we build Brand Partnership.
  • For clients owners of Brands with a high profile positioning, not interested in traditional licensing, we build Brand partnership of any kind: co-branding, co-marketing, joint-venture, sponsorship, etc. to combine together the strength of the two Brands in order to increase their own value.
  • Through a Brand Partnership we increase their Brands visibility, we optimize communication campaign impact and results, we allow them to enter new markets through new distribution channels or new distributors with a high profile strategy.
  • If they are not focused on royalties revenues, this new business approach will drive our clients to the best results for their Brand equity.


  • For companies new in the field, we create and manage strategic and complete licensing plans.
    As we promote our clients’ Brands, we ensure excellence in execution and long-term success across corporate brands.
  • Each consulting project is customized and tailored to meet a wide range of needs, ultimately assisting our clients to understand their licensing opportunities as well as their risks.
    Our team evaluates the viability of extending a brand into new categories and retail channels.
  • Through the exploration of the competitive landscape, market dynamics and relevant category opportunities, we provide brand owners with a comprehensive analysis and recommendations for a specific course of action.
  • The strategies we create take our clients’ Brands to a level where they have never been before.
  • For companies that already have licenses, we evaluate their current plans and promote optimization and visibility enhancement.
  • For clients with existing licensing programs, we evaluate the program’s successes, challenges, management and operations to ensure that the highest potential is being realized.
  • Our team evaluates the viability of extending the Brand into new categories and retail channels. Through the exploration of the competitive landscape, market dynamics and relevant category opportunities, we provide Brand owners with a comprehensive analysis.
  • The final deliverable is a comprehensive analysis that includes specific recommendations to increase the overall performance of the licensing program and/or recommendations for a specific course of action.


We advise on protection of the original products and assist in fighting against counterfeiting through partner companies that deal with all aspects dedicated to the defensibility of authentic products
We collaborate with companies that are leaders in providing anti-counterfeiting technologies, services, and provide programs to governments and corporations worldwide. These products include both physical and digital technologies designed for anti-counterfeiting. Through this service our clients can find solutions to fight counterfeiting, gray market diversion, and online Brand abuse.


Feasibility Studies, Brand Research & Auditing, Competitive & Peer Analysis, Customer Journey Mapping, Brand Positioning, Portfolio Strategy, Brand Architecture, Brand Workshops, Brand Strategy, Brand Naming & Nomenclature Systems, Brand Valuation and Customer Segmentation.

The development of a license requires very specific expertise and is realized in collaboration with our consulting specialists. They are dedicated experts of specific marketing sectors, they assess, evaluate and process each individual license.Together with our network of leading strategic thinkers, we deliver the combined value of experienced international business professionals and senior advisors to corporate brands and marketing executives of the region’s leading organisations including FTSE 100 listed companies, corporations, start-ups, and non-profit organisations. We also provide Political Brand Consultancy to India’s Largest Political Party, BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party).

Building a Brand is an exercise in self-definition that is an invaluable experience for everybody involved. The process demands unambiguous answers to the questions below. Unless you have compelling answers, you haven’t got a brand.

  • What is your unique space in the marketplace?
  • What is the organisation’s essential truth – it’s Guiding Principle?
  • What do you do?
  • What is the brands amibition for the future?
  • What does the brand stand for?
  • What is the brand’s character?
  • What do you promise?
  • What is your tone of voice?
  • How does your brand speak to your various audiences?
  • Are your people trained to deliver the brand?
  • To what degree are the interactions with your clients or customers guided by the brand?
  • Is the brand incorporated in organizational decision-making?
  • Why does your brand matter?

Specifically, we research their markets to identify appropriate trademarks and develop strategies to best achieve their goals. We specialize in enhancing product visibility, increasing sales and profitability, production optimization, etc.




We are proud to be associated with INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS. We are delighted to receive this award.

Mr Sharad Goswami
Director Public Affairs Pfizer

We are delighted to receive this prestigious INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS.

Mr Siddharth Kabra
National Business Head Videocon d2h

ASIA’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND & Companies AWARDS are the most credible Business Awards in Asia.

Mr Anil Khanna
Managing Director Blue Dart



If you have any questions about the award ceremony, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.

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