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Feasibility Studies, Brand Research & Auditing, Competitive & Peer Analysis, Customer Journey Mapping, Brand Positioning, Portfolio Strategy, Brand Architecture, Brand Workshops, Brand Strategy, Brand Naming & Nomenclature Systems, Brand Valuation and Customer Segmentation.

The development of a license requires very specific expertise and is realized in collaboration with our consulting specialists. They are dedicated experts of specific marketing sectors, they assess, evaluate and process each individual license.Together with our network of leading strategic thinkers, we deliver the combined value of experienced international business professionals and senior advisors to corporate brands and marketing executives of the region’s leading organisations including FTSE 100 listed companies, corporations, start-ups, and non-profit organisations. We also provide Political Brand Consultancy to India’s Largest Political Party, BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party).

Building a Brand is an exercise in self-definition that is an invaluable experience for everybody involved. The process demands unambiguous answers to the questions below. Unless you have compelling answers, you haven’t got a brand.

  • What is your unique space in the marketplace?
  • What is the organisation’s essential truth – it’s Guiding Principle?
  • What do you do?
  • What is the brands amibition for the future?
  • What does the brand stand for?
  • What is the brand’s character?
  • What do you promise?
  • What is your tone of voice?
  • How does your brand speak to your various audiences?
  • Are your people trained to deliver the brand?
  • To what degree are the interactions with your clients or customers guided by the brand?
  • Is the brand incorporated in organizational decision-making?
  • Why does your brand matter?

Specifically, we research their markets to identify appropriate trademarks and develop strategies to best achieve their goals. We specialize in enhancing product visibility, increasing sales and profitability, production optimization, etc.